| Web Conference, Video Conference, Trainging

Goto| Web Conference, Video Conference, Trainging

Info360 is designed with intention to maximizing communication efficiency, effectiveness, and cost saving in mind. Seeking a reliable web conferencing and training system? Info360 can do that and more.

Info360 Web Conference

Overall Functions

Overall functions has features that include:

  • Management console that you can easily view your activity at a glance
  • Mail notification for notification and invites
  • Fully operates from web browsers
  • Media streaming
  • Share documents


MyConference is a live media streaming module that enhance users collaborate ideas virtually. MyConference has features that include:

  • Connects multiple meeting sites at one time.
  • Supports visual and audio media streaming.
  • Instant messaging for private or group chat.
  • Virtual whiteboard for free hand illustration.
  • Evaluation/Poll enables.
  • Manages participation; setting permission on numbers of participation, and inviting ad hoc user.
  • Records conference for archive.


MyTraining is a VDO on demand module which let users view in pre-recorded media files. MyTraining is suitable for training/seminars/eLearning as its features includes:

  • Supports on-demand files streaming for VDO, audio, image, presentation, and document files.
  • Creates assessments; self-test and accredited questions.
  • Media evaluation form enable.



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